Funnel Reporting in Looker Studio: Analyzing User Behavior and Conversions

funnel reporting

Learn how to create effective funnel reports using Looker Studio, a powerful data visualization tool. Funnel reports provide valuable insights into user behavior on websites, tracking their journey from regular visitors to completing desired actions. Looker Studio offers various visualization options, including community visualizations, horizontal bar charts, and manual creation using shapes and scorecard metrics. By connecting Looker Studio with data sources like Plausible Analytics, businesses can analyze user interactions and optimize their websites accordingly. Start a free trial with Looker Studio today and unleash the power of funnel reporting for your website.

Funnel Metrics: Tracking and Optimizing Your Sales Funnel with Google Universal Analytics

funnel metrics

Learn how funnel metrics can help businesses track and measure marketing efforts. Discover the importance of funnel metrics and how to track them using Google Universal Analytics. Understand common funnel metrics, resolve error messages, and explore use cases for funnel metrics. Optimize your sales funnel for better conversions with funnel metrics.