Sales Funnel Video Tutorial: How to Create and Analyze Sales Pipeline Reports using Excel

sales funnel video tutorial

Learn how to create a sales pipeline using Excel and other tools in this comprehensive video tutorial. Understand the purpose of sales pipeline analysis and the importance of a sales pipeline report. Discover the best charts to use in your sales pipeline report, such as funnel charts and bar charts. Follow a step-by-step guide on how to set up a worksheet, enter data, and generate an accurate sales pipeline report in Excel. Get answers to frequently asked questions about creating a Sankey chart for your sales pipeline report. Start using these strategies today to optimize your sales process and drive revenue growth.

Looker Studio Community Visualizations: Elevate Your Data Presentations with Dynamic Charts and Visuals |

funnel visualization

Transform your data presentations with Looker Studio community visualizations. Customize and personalize your charts to align with your brand. Choose from a wide range of chart options and unleash your creativity. Incorporate custom table visualizations, Lighthouse Gauge visualizations, funnel visualizations, and even custom Google Fonts. Learn how to use these visualizations to optimize your data reporting. Enhance your presentations with Looker Studio community visualizations and make data visualization a breeze. Visit for more information.