YouTube Sales Funnel

The concept of making money on YouTube often revolves around YouTube ad revenue. However, there is much more to it than just ad revenue. By focusing on building a multi-faceted income generating machine based on your evergreen content, you can create a sustainable and profitable YouTube business. In this article, we will explore a five-step process to achieve this.

Understanding the YouTube Business Model

While earning ad revenue on YouTube is important, it is just one piece of the income puzzle. YouTube can serve as the first touch point for your viewers, where they begin to build trust in your channel. This trust can then be converted into additional streams of income, such as selling digital products, earning affiliate income, securing sponsorships, and selling your own products and services. By viewing YouTube as the starting point of your sales funnel, you can build a whole business around your channel.

Step 1: Create High Value Evergreen Content

To create a successful YouTube business, it is crucial to focus on creating high value, evergreen content. Evergreen content refers to videos that remain relevant and searchable for a long period of time. While these videos may not achieve immediate high views, they have the potential to snowball with views over time. Google and YouTube will recognize and integrate these videos into their search results, driving traffic to your channel. Consistency in creating evergreen content is key to converting viewers into sales.

In addition to creating high value content, it is important to integrate affiliate links and sponsorships wherever possible. However, maintaining a high level of quality in terms of the products and services you recommend is crucial. You should only share affiliate links or sponsorships that directly solve your audience’s problems and that you know and trust. Striking the right balance between valuable content and promotional content is essential for maintaining trust with your viewers.

Step 3: Capture Leads

Every viewer of your YouTube videos is a potential lead for a sale. While some viewers may only be there for the free content, there is potential to convert them into paid customers. To capture these leads, it is important to provide a way for viewers to sign up. This can be achieved by including a specific link to a lead magnet in all your videos, channel about page, and other relevant locations. A lead magnet is a free piece of high value content, such as a PDF or ebook, that viewers can obtain in exchange for their email address. Building up your mailing list is crucial for further engagement and sales.

Step 4: Deliver High Value Content

Once you have captured leads, it is important to continue delivering high value content to both your YouTube channel and your mailing list. Consistency in providing valuable content will help maintain trust and engagement with your audience. This content can include tutorials, tips, advice, and more, all tailored to address your viewers’ specific problems and needs.

Step 5: Offer a Paid Product

The final step in the process is to offer a paid product that directly addresses your viewers’ problems and offers a transformation. This paid product should be closely related to the content that brought them to your channel in the first place. However, it should provide a deeper level of support and guidance, simplifying the process and offering additional tools. The key is to provide a specific transformation that your viewers are seeking. This can include courses, memberships, and other paid products that solve their problems in a more comprehensive way.


Creating a YouTube sales funnel involves implementing a strategic five-step process. By focusing on creating high value evergreen content, integrating affiliate links and sponsorships, capturing leads, delivering high value content consistently, and offering a paid product, you can build a successful YouTube business. Remember, the key is to understand the YouTube business model and view YouTube as the starting point of your sales funnel. With dedication and strategic implementation, you can generate regular income and build a thriving business on YouTube.

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