Pinterest Marketing Funnel Unlocking New Opportunities with Amazon Ads


Pinterest, the popular visual discovery platform, is making a push to position itself as a full-funnel advertising platform. With its recent ad partnership with Amazon, Pinterest aims to increase its revenue and drive more sales for advertisers. This article explores how Pinterest’s collaboration with Amazon is boosting its confidence and whether the platform’s new tools can convince brands to try its ad offerings once again.

Pinterest’s Struggle to Prove its Value

For years, Pinterest has struggled to convince advertisers that its platform is responsible for driving sales. Advertisers often look to Facebook and Google for better results. However, Pinterest’s recent ad partnership with Amazon has given the platform a new boost of confidence. By opening itself up to third-party ad partners, starting with Amazon Ads, Pinterest aims to unlock new budgets from advertisers and provide users with more relevant commercial content.

Positive Results from the Pinterest-Amazon Ad Combo

Agency heads who have tested the Pinterest-Amazon ad combo have reported positive results, with increased conversion rates. Brandon Doyle, founder of digital marketing agency Wallaroo Media, shared that some of his clients saw conversion rates double compared to typical campaigns. The integration between Pinterest and Amazon simplifies the checkout process, resulting in higher conversion rates. This success has prompted Pinterest to release new tools designed to move customers further down the purchasing funnel.

Pinterest’s Efforts to Position Itself as a Full-Funnel Advertising Platform

Pinterest has made several improvements to its advertising platform to establish itself as a full-funnel advertising solution. Prior to its IPO filing, Pinterest introduced a video ad unit and a tool called Audience Insights to measure purchase intent. The platform has also released various tools for better attribution measurement and campaign optimization. Additionally, Pinterest has ventured into the creator economy, offering more influencer marketing tools.

The Impact of the Pinterest-Amazon Partnership

Pinterest’s collaboration with Amazon has brought a new level of relevance to its ads. Martha Welsh, Pinterest’s head of strategy, noted that Amazon ads appear to be more relevant than the current ones. This partnership has encouraged Pinterest to release a range of new tools at its advertising summit, including new ad formats like Quiz Ads. The platform aims to make it easier for brands to run ads on the Pinterest home feed by extending its takeover tool, Premiere Spotlight.

Pinterest’s Unique Innovations in Advertising

Pinterest stands out from other platforms by introducing unique and innovative ad formats. One example is the option to include a quiz in an ad, a feature not commonly seen elsewhere. Quizzes can effectively move customers down the funnel without them even realizing it. By engaging users in a quiz format, brands can gather valuable information and guide customers towards conversion. These innovative ad formats contribute to Pinterest’s goal of becoming a full-funnel advertising platform.

The Importance of Full-Funnel Advertising

In today’s challenging economic environment, marketing teams face pressure to deliver tangible results. Brands are focusing on bottom-of-the-funnel conversion campaigns, but significant opportunities lie in the middle and upper funnel. By positioning itself as a full-funnel advertising platform, Pinterest can capture advertising budgets across all stages of the customer journey. This makes it an attractive choice for advertisers, especially during tough times when bottom-of-the-funnel dollars are prioritized.

Pinterest’s Position between TikTok and Facebook

Pinterest aims to position itself as a strong advertising platform, bridging the gap between TikTok and Facebook. While TikTok and Facebook have their own strengths in the advertising space, Pinterest is leveraging its unique data and products to carve out its own position. By offering a full-funnel advertising solution and partnering with Amazon, Pinterest hopes to attract advertisers and solidify its place in the market.


Pinterest’s collaboration with Amazon has provided a significant boost to its advertising business. The integration between the two platforms has resulted in increased conversion rates and simplified the checkout process. Pinterest’s efforts to position itself as a full-funnel advertising platform, along with its unique ad innovations, have garnered attention from advertisers. By offering new tools and formats, Pinterest aims to drive more sales and prove its value as a reliable advertising platform. As brands continue to seek effective advertising solutions, Pinterest’s push for a comprehensive marketing funnel may give it an edge over competitors like TikTok.

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