Funnel Hacking: Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategies with the Four Desires


In this article, we will explore the concept of funnel hacking and how it can revolutionize your digital marketing strategies. Funnel hacking is a term coined by Brendan Burchard, the renowned high-performance coach and influential leader in the field of personal growth. At a recent digital marketing conference, Burchard captivated the audience with his unique approach to tactical marketing tips. Instead of focusing solely on personal development, he delved into the world of marketing by addressing the four desires of our community or potential customers.

The Four Desires

Excitement, Joy, and Passion

Burchard emphasized the importance of infusing excitement, joy, and passion into our marketing copy. When these emotions are lacking, customers can feel drained and bored. Therefore, it is essential to evoke a sense of adventure or purpose in our sales pages and ads. By using compelling language and storytelling techniques, we can ignite the spark of excitement in our audience and create a memorable impression.

Deep Meaningful Connection

In addition to excitement, Burchard stressed the significance of establishing a deep meaningful connection with our customers. It is not enough to focus solely on the benefits of our product or service. We must also communicate how our offerings can positively impact an individual’s family, friends, and team. By showcasing the “extended benefits” of our offerings, we can appeal to the desire for significance and reinforce the value of what we do.

Growth and Transformation

Another key desire of our community is the desire for growth and transformation. Burchard emphasized the importance of highlighting the potential for personal and professional development that comes with working with us. Sharing success stories of our customers or our own journey can inspire others to embark on their own transformational journeys. By addressing this inner desire for growth, we can provide confidence and motivation for our potential customers to try something new.

Inspiration and Path to Change

Lastly, Burchard emphasized the role of inspiration and providing a clear path to change. Our customers are seeking confidence to make a shift in their lives, and it is our responsibility to provide them with the inspiration and guidance they need. Through our marketing copy, we can communicate that we understand their desires and can offer them a solution. This approach not only sells our product or service but also facilitates a positive shift in our customers’ lives.


In conclusion, funnel hacking is a powerful marketing concept that addresses the four desires of our community or potential customers. By infusing excitement, establishing deep connections, highlighting growth and transformation, and providing inspiration and a clear path to change, we can create impactful sales copy that resonates with our audience. As you implement these strategies into your marketing efforts, remember to focus on the importance of human desires and the potential for significant impact. Happy funnel hacking!

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