Lead Generation Funnel Example: A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Successful B2B Content Marketing Funnel

lead generation funnel example

Create a successful B2B content marketing funnel with this comprehensive guide. Define your funnel stages, choose the right content channels and formats, and utilize software like StoryChief for efficient content production and tracking. Generate leads with top-of-funnel educational articles, how-to guides, industry reports, infographics, and podcasts. Engage prospects with middle-of-funnel comparative analysis, case studies, webinars, product demos, and free trials. Convert prospects into customers with bottom-of-funnel customer testimonials, product comparison guides, ROI calculators, free trials or demos, and pricing information. Streamline your funnel management with StoryChief’s content collaboration, SEO optimization, multichannel publishing, evergreen content promotion, and analytics features. Build a successful B2B content marketing funnel and drive results.