10 Best Sales Funnel Tools for 2024

Sales funnel tools are essential for businesses to manage and optimize their sales processes throughout the customer journey. These tools automate tasks, track customer interactions, and provide insights into lead movement through the sales funnel. With numerous options available, finding the right sales funnel software for your business can be overwhelming. To help you make an informed decision, we have curated a list of the top 10 sales funnel tools for 2024. These tools are designed to increase sales efficiency, improve conversion rates, and boost revenue.

1. ConvertFlow

ConvertFlow is an all-in-one funnel builder that simplifies your conversion campaigns and enhances revenue. With its no-code funnel building feature, you can easily create and personalize pop-ups, forms, quizzes, product recommendations, and landing pages without the need for developers. ConvertFlow offers various funnel types to capture leads, segment shoppers, increase average order value (AOV), reduce abandoned carts, and create compelling landing pages. Key features include no-code funnel building, A/B split-testing, full funnel personalization, multiple integrations, and funnel analytics. ConvertFlow offers free and paid plans starting at $39/month.

2. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a comprehensive CRM software solution with sales funnel and automation capabilities. It helps visualize and improve sales stages, track leads and clients throughout the deal process, and make better sales predictions. Key features include customizable sales funnel templates, unlimited deals, leads, quotes, and invoices, internal collaboration, AI scoring for lead evaluation, and inbuilt analytics tools. Bitrix24 offers different plans starting at $49/month when billed annually.

3. Kartra

Kartra is a sales funnel software that allows you to design and launch automated sales funnels. It offers drag-and-drop sequence builders, automated marketing strategies with IFs and THENs, lead segmentation, real-time funnel analytics, and a marketplace for importing and exporting campaigns. Kartra provides pre-made marketing campaigns, tracks user progress, and offers customization options. Pricing starts at $99/month when billed annually.

4. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a popular sales funnel software designed to attract and convert customers online. It provides tools for website building, online store setup, membership site creation, email marketing, and more. ClickFunnels offers a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop page editing and customizable templates. Key features include email marketing, analytics, A/B testing, website and landing page builder, and personalized customer centers. ClickFunnels offers different plans starting at $127/month.

5. LeadPages

LeadPages is a comprehensive lead generation platform that simplifies the process of creating effective sales funnels. It offers a landing page builder, pop-ups, and alert bars to increase conversions. LeadPages also provides ROI tracking capabilities and facilitates A/B testing. Key features include integrations with 90+ platforms, unlimited A/B split testing, conversion-optimized templates, real-time analytics, lead management, and a conversion tool-kit. Pricing starts at $37/month when billed annually.

6. WishPond

WishPond is an automated sales funnel software that helps you capture, nurture, and convert leads into customers. It allows you to design customer journeys step-by-step and increase conversion rates. WishPond offers custom journeys, landing page steps based on user behavior, integrated payments, and performance tracking. Key features include conversion tracking, lead tracking and management, marketing automation, landing page builder, and integrations with 300+ platforms. Pricing is available upon request.

7. Kajabi

Kajabi provides ready-made sales funnel templates that can be customized and scaled. These templates can be used for lead generation, product launches, webinars, and more. With its website builder, you can create websites and landing pages that attract visitors and represent your brand effectively. Key features include unlimited landing pages, email marketing, website building, analytics, customizable funnel templates, and integrations with 15+ platforms. Pricing starts at $119/month when billed annually.

8. Involve.me

Involve.me’s Sales Funnel Builder allows you to create sales funnels and automate lead generation efforts. It lets you collect segmented leads, leading to a higher lead-to-sales conversion rate, and gain valuable customer insights. Involve.me enables the creation of interactive content like quizzes, calculators, surveys, and forms to engage your audience and guide potential customers through the buying process. Key features include detailed analytics, 200+ sales funnel templates, integrations with 50+ platforms, lead segmentation, and email marketing. Pricing starts at $29/month when billed annually.

9. Pipedrive

Pipedrive’s sales funnel software helps monitor the status of open deals and their respective stages. It offers marketing automation features like lead magnets and email marketing to guide leads from awareness to purchase. Pipedrive allows customization of sales funnels using templates and tracks important metrics such as deal volume, average deal value, and deal close rates. Key features include sales funnel tracking, customer relationship management, funnel metrics, email campaigns, customizable sales funnel templates, and integrations with 300+ platforms. Pricing starts at $9.90/month when billed annually.

10. Cacoo

Cacoo is an online sales funnel software that helps you understand, document, and optimize your sales processes. It allows the creation of visually engaging sales funnel diagrams that provide insights into prospect behavior, questions, and drop-off points. Key features include sales funnel templates, team collaboration, shareable diagrams, change tracking, and integrations with multiple platforms. Pricing starts at $60/month when billed annually.

In conclusion, these 10 sales funnel tools offer a range of features to help businesses manage and optimize their sales processes. Whether you need a no-code funnel builder, CRM software, or lead generation platform, there’s a sales funnel tool on this list that can meet your business needs. Remember to choose the tool that aligns with your specific requirements and goals to increase sales efficiency, improve conversion rates, and boost revenue.

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